We owned and operated a pool construction company in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex that grew from $1.3M to almost $40M in sales in just under a decade.

Although our achievements would have you believe otherwise

(9-Time PSN Top 50 Builder, #1 & #2 PSN Customer Service) we made just about every mistake in the book. We learned how NOT to do things and now we share that hard-earned wisdom with our clients.

After spending well over $2,000,000 on traditional marketing, we learned first-hand how hard it can be to run a profitable organization when your marketing dollars are wasted. Pool builder profitability is our PASSION and we work towards that every single day.

Results Branding grew out of an organic and sincere desire to help pool builders grow their businesses profitably. We started out by fielding phone calls from our friends running pool companies and using our experience to help them solve their biggest obstacles and bottlenecks.

All of the products and services that we have developed and currently offer have all been inspired and requested by our existing clients. When we say we offer professional services "for pool builders, by pool builders" we really mean it.

If you are curious to see what the world of lead-generation and business development look like from a pool-builder-centric standpoint, schedule an appointment and chat with us. We are the first to admit, we aren't the right fit for everyone, but for some builders, its a match made in heaven.

Our Team

Matt Hart

Director of Sales & Training

As our resident talking head and sales trainer, Matt is who our clients hear from the most - whether they like it or not!

With over $20M in personal sales and ~$100M from his team as a sales manager, Matt prides himself on being able to train anybody, anywhere, anytime, and turn them into a successful sales person / sales organization.

When he isn't training people to greatness on Zoom calls, he is spending time with his daughter and taking his adult rec kickball league way too seriously.

Shan Johnson


As a third-generation pool builder, you can almost smell the chlorine when Shan walks into a room! Luckily for our clients, most of their time spent with Shan is on Zoom calls as he refines their vision and improves their approach to profitability.

In addition to providing expert level one-on-one coaching to an esteemed group of our more seasoned clients, Shan serves as our "Marketing Guru". He has an unrivaled passion for the nitty-gritty detail work that is required to succeed at a high level in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

When Shan isn't getting incredible results for our clients he is raising three daughters and pretending to be a farmer.

Austin Shover

Director of Technology

The Yin to Matt's Yang, Austin is an engineering graduate that thrives on the technical side of what makes a pool company great. As an operations manager for a perpetual Top 50 Builder, Austin learned the ins and outs of what's needed in a company's infrastructure to facilitate both growth and profitability.

In the fleeting moments that Matt and Shan let Austin step away from his work, you can typically find him doing Daddy-Duties for his two young children or sneaking off to tinker with parts to make his computer "run a little smoother".

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